2012 Green Toronto Award for Leadership

My career stretches back over thirty years, covering many issues and opportunities, and always with an eye to supporting voluntary leadership and action.

I have worked on a conserver society, sustainable development and now climate action. They are all different ways of packaging the same goal - helping people live lightly on this earth.

My portfolio is organized in five categories:

  • community: projects, campaigns, and ideas that have helped communities organize or supported community engagement
  • innovation: examples of radical pragmatism - projects that have a ripple effect across the movement
  • marketing: using a movement to raise awareness and help people take action
  • organizations: my work with organizations, networks, and businesses
  • research: strategic analysis that embraces complexity to find elegant solutions.

You'll find common elements in these examples of individual creativity paired with teamwork and collaboration. This is the approach I can bring to your challenges.

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  • community
  • innovation
  • marketing
  • organizations
  • research

Let’s Green Toronto

Building a strong voluntary network across Toronto

Lighten Up

Mixing mirth and message!

We Conserve

Imagine the power of a united movement.


Connecting green businesses with green charities

A Conservation Strategy

A good strategy lays out a roadmap to the future we want.

Doors Closed

Pioneering movement-based marketing


A network can make a world of difference.

The Arrow

How can we describe a complex social movement for a better future? The solution: a simple icon.

Smart Growth

Taking on urban sprawl -- and winning!

Community Action

Is there a simple way to organize and support community-based action?

The Next Wave

All the major trends are downward, and they are all interconnected. It calls for some radical thinking!

Jane’s Walk

How to get people interested in community building and design? The solution: Jane's Walk.

Live Green Card

How to connect green consumers and businesses? The solution: a green discount card.

My experience has shown that funding for innovation comes in waves, usually following a crisis and lasting for a few years. With each wave, we get a chance to reorganize and implement new ideas in leadership, collaboration, and strategic planning.

I believe we are at the early stages of the next wave, which has been triggered by climate change and will soon see a resurgence in funding for climate action and solutions. This is our change to rekindle support for community networking and planning, integrated outreach campaigns, and community development. It's our chance to be creative again.