The context

There is a world of problems around us - climate change, resource scarcity, and extinction; economic uncertainty, unemployment, and a rising cost of living; racism, terrorism, and social and political extremism. These problems are interconnected, each one reinforcing others locally, regionally, and globally. For the most part, they are all of our own making.

Understand the context, and we begin to understand the solution - to use what limited resources and opportunities we each possess to contribute to positive change. This is the essence of radical pragmatism - finding elegant solutions that address specific challenges but that also contribute to a broader movement towards a common goal.

In the end, we are all working towards a better future - for our communities, our customers, or our constituents.  What binds us together is our commitment to turn our challenges into opportunities for a better future. This common commitment cuts across all issues, and all sectors.

This commitment to a better future, which is evident in the work of so many organizations, can be represented visually with a simple icon:

This is the true context for our work - not one of despair, but of hope and a common commitment to turn our challenges into opportunities.

How I can help

Whether you are part of a community group or national organization, business or utility, municipality or senior level government, I can help you find solutions that address root causes and build stronger connections while working within the constraints of your budget and mandate.

I can help you adapt and adopt existing shareware solutions that I have developed, or I can identify new ideas for your unique situation.

I can help strengthen your capacity to deliver practical solutions nested within a broad strategic understanding of how to build a common movement for a better future. It's what I call "radical pragmatism," and it is how we can turn bold thinking into on-the-ground solutions.

My career stretches back over thirty years, which means I have worked on a conserver society, sustainable development and now climate action. They are all different ways of packaging the same goal - helping people live lightly on this earth.

I excel in creative solutions that help empower people and organizations to build a better future.

Climate Action

Climate change. It's the biggest challenge we face today. And the biggest opportunity to design integrated campaigns and projects that both lower carbon emissions as well as improve our quality of life!

This is by far the biggest challenge of my career - designing tools to foster and support a national organic climate movement.

Check out It's movement-based marketing - chock full of ideas you can adapt and adopt as your own.


Send me your challenge.

I have over 30 years experience in organization management, strategic planning, public engagement campaigns, and creative solutions. I can't make your challenges disappear, but perhaps I can help you identify ways to turn your challenges into opportunities.